The Partnering Group


Pride in product responsibility.


Why is product responsibility such an important issue? 
Today it is more important than ever to understand your current responsibility when distributing promotional products. Government standards have changed and many products available a few short years ago could be a liability in today’s business environment. You need to be confident you are dealing with quality factories who regularly test products for material content and safety.  

The Partnering Group has a deep industry reach.
We can help you select the safest products that are consistently tested taking the worry out of whether these products are compliant. 

From product content to decorative inks, our suppliers lead the industry in safety and responsibility. When you use a Partnering Group supplier we are confident you are getting the best our industry has to offer. This gives you the security you need when purchasing promotional products.  

Every year we educate our sales associates on safety and give the latest information on product testing. 
At our annual sales meeting your representative is learning the latest on product testing and government regulations. We pride ourselves in being the most informed sales force in the industry.

Are there regulations for domestically manufactured products? 
Product safety regulations are not limited to imported products. Domestically manufactured promotional products are subject to the same federal and state safety, environmental and social requirements.  

Are there any regulations for “green” products? 
If you make claims as to the neutral or positive environmental impact of your product in your advertisements, marketing or labels, you must comply with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines. Learn more about the FTC Guides from your sales consultant.  

Many of the more recent regulations seem to apply to children’s products. How do I determine if my product is a children’s product? 
A children’s product is a consumer product designed or intended primarily for use by children 12 years of age or younger.  Comprehensive product safety and responsibility education and resources are available. Please let your sales consultant know how we can answer your concerns.